How To Save Money And Get Discount Car Insurance In Illinois

There are many people that want to figure out how to save money and get discount car insurance in Illinois. Since it is so important to select the right insurance for your car, these tips will help to assist you in getting the car insurance that you need without putting a huge hole in your wallet. First of all you should do a lot of comparison shopping both online and with local insurance agencies. The internet is a rich resource of information for those that are looking to find out how to save money on car insurance in Illinois. You can compare several different car insurance plans in a relatively short amount of time. You just need to fill out all your information as accurately as you can in order to get the most accurate car insurance quote. Another route to take is visiting local insurance companies and ask them any questions that you might have regarding, which is the best insurance policy to get for your vehicle. Be absolutely sure to ask any local insurance agent what if any special discounts that they offer to those looking for car insurance. You should have a really good idea of what type of car insurance is going to meet your needs and do not feel pressured to purchase a specific car insurance policy if you feel it is offering more coverage then what you feel that you need. If you do not like how you are being treated by an insurance company then move on to another one, good customer service is just as important as a quality car insurance policy. Should you decide on full coverage car insurance, keep this tip in mind, the larger the deductible is on your car insurance policy the smaller your monthly payment will be. Taking a defensive driving class can also lead to discounts on your car insurance and if you have teenage drivers in your house there are many car insurance companies that offer breaks on automobile insurance if your child has good grades. These are just a few of the great ideas you can put to use while looking to find discount car insurance in Illinois. The more research time that you put in before buying a policy the better the chance that you are going to find just the coverage that you need for your car at a very reasonable price. Published at:

Buying A Harley Davidson In Chicago And Illinois

If you live in Chicago and would like to have a Harley-Davidson you can use around the city, then we have good news for you. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are available in the city through an authorized dealer. The Chicago Harley-Davidson/Buell, Inc., which is located at 6868 N Western Avenue, Chicago is your one-stop shop for Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Choose from any Harley-Davidson Sportster, Harley-Davidson Dyna, Harley-Davidson Softail, Harley-Davidson VRSC, and Harley-Davidson Touring models. The Sportster has 883, 883 Low, 883 Custom, 883R, 1200 Custom, and 1200 Roadster. Dyna has Super Glide, Super Glide Custom, 35th Anniversary Super Glide, Street Bob, Low Rider, and the Wide Glide. Harley-Davidson Softail has 9 models in line. These are Softail Standard, Night Train, Springer Softail, Deuce, Heritage Softail, Fat Boy, Softail Deluxe, Springer, Classic, Heritage Softail and Classic. The Harley-Davidson VRSC has 3 models. These are V-Rod – VRSCA, Night Rod – VRSCD, and the Street Rod – VRSCR. The Harley-Davidson Touring has 8 models. These are Road King, Road King Custom, Road King Classic, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide Standard, Electra Glide Classic, and Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Now, after you are finished with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle shopping, you can turn into available Harley-Davidson merchandise on sale. Both men and women can enjoy exclusive Harley-Davidson shirt, boots, jackets, jewelry, chaps and vests, hats, and eyewear. You can also purchase several Harley-Davidson items like a bar, neon clocks, billiards, wall arts and more. In Chicago, you can also have your Harley-Davidson motorcycle serviced. If you have an antique Harley, have it restored at Chicago. There are also pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles if you want save some bucks. Complete line of parts and accessories are also available at the City of Chicago. If you want o have other options, here are other authorized Harley-Davidson dealers across the state of Illinois together with their addresses, phone numbers, Fax numbers, and websites: Chuck’s Harley-Davidson, Inc. 2027 Ireland Grove Road Bloomington, IL 61704 (309)663-2188 Fax (309)664-0859 Published at:

Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety in Illinois

Since motorcycles don’t have seatbelts or any protection for their riders, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injury or death in a crash. For this reason, motorcyclists need the skills to make the right split-second decisions in emergency situations, such as how or when to swerve or brake. This informed judgment needs to come from training because if it first comes from experience, it might be too late. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) offers these safety guidelines for motorcyclists: * Don’t drink and ride. In 2007, of 157 motorcycle fatalities, 67 of the motorists killed had a blood alcohol level of .01 or highe * Trucks have large blind spots on all sides; don’t hang out in these “no zones” * Always wear a helmet that meets DOT standards (look inside for the DOT label) * Ride defensively and watch your speed * Conduct a safety check of your bike before you go * Wear protective clothing, including sturdy footwear, straight-leg pants of heavy material, long-sleeves, helmet, eye-protection, and full-fingered gloves Resources and Courses for Motorcycle Safety IDOT offers the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program to manage the risks and increase the skills of motorcycle riders. There are basic, intermediate and experienced rider courses available and all are free for Illinois residents over the age of 16 who possess a valid automobile or motorcycle driver’s license or permit. IDOT administers the program through Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, University of Illinois in Champaign, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and Illinois State University in Normal. There are also commercial driving schools, including Midwest Police Motorcycle Training of Illinois. The school offers advanced training courses in motorcycle safety for police officers and civilian riders. The school uses accident reconstruction to create safety courses based on real-life situations that are carried out in a controlled environment. The school wants to improve riders’ skills to be the best rider they can, while at the same time helping riders understand the limitations of their capabilities on their motorcycle. If you find the course you want is full or you can’t take a course, you can read a copy of “The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Guide to Motorcycling Excellence: Skills, Knowledge, and Strategies for Riding Right.” The Illinois Secretary of State’s office provides the “Illinois Motorcycle Operators Manual.” IDOT also continues to promote their “Start Seeing Motorcycles” campaign, which is designed to increase other motorists’ awareness of the presence of motorcycles on the road. Another Vulnerable Rider on the Road: Bicyclists Motorists also need to be aware of bicyclists on the road and remember to share the roadways with them. Bicyclists have the same right to be on the road as motorists, but with those rights come the same responsibilities for following the rules of the road. The Illinois State Police offers a brochure on being a safe bicyclist on their Web site. Bike safety tips include: * Always wear a level, snug-fitting helmet * Be predictable. Make eye contact with drivers and signal your intentions * Make sure your children know the rules of the road and train them in safe bike riding * Avoid riding after dark. If you do, use head and taillights and wear reflective clothing * Ride with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road * Be cautious and ride defensively The Illinois State Police reports that most accidents involving adult bicyclists and cars are caused by the motorists (e.g., failing to yield while making a left turn across the path of a bicyclist). When they are caused by bicyclists, it is usually because the bicyclist was riding against the flow of traffic. If motorists remember to share the road and be patient and bicyclists ride defensively and both follow traffic laws, the roads will be a lot safer for everyone. Published at:

Bonuses Of Taking A Charter Bus In Chicago, Illinois

Hiring a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois, is a great idea because you will be saving yourself the headache of driving in congested traffic, but you will also be doing your part of carpooling and reducing smog and other negative environmental effects of cars. These two reasons alone are certainly worth taking a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois. Then you take a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois, forget the drama of getting from place to place, dealing with traffic, road maps, car maintenance, filling up with gas, and the like. All you are responsible for when you take a charter bus is yourself and your luggage. This is completely different than if you drive your own car where you are responsible for the vehicle, filling up with gas, directions, other types of maintenance, as well as insurance for the car. This includes a lot of effort and work that an individual can easily avoid by simply taking a charter bus. Also, when you take a charter bus you eliminate one more car on the road. This has wonderful implications for the environment because fewer cars equal less smog and pollution. All you have to do is make the change from driving your vehicle long distances to taking a charter bus. Additioanlly, others will also make a change and with just one charter bus there will be at least 50 less cars on the road. Imagine what this would do for the environment, especially in cities like Chicago, if more people started taking charter buses? It would have an amazing impact on the environment and pollution. Be one of the first to start the change and begin taking charter buses. It will benefit the environment tremendously; however it will benefit you as well. While you are on the charter bus you will have complete free time to do whatever it is you enjoy, or even catch up on work. When you take a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois, you will realize that you can travel and work at the same time, or travel and relax, it is your choice. Depending on the length of your trip, you might even be able to accomplish multiple things. Take the opportunity to accomplish two tasks at the same time and take a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois. Now that you have finally decided that it is a wise idea to take a charter bus in Chicago, Illinois, you will want to make arrangements to buy tickets. However, first, make sure the charter bus company you hire is competent and offers you the type of transportation you are expecting for a good price. Do some background research to make sure the company is what it says it is and follows safety practices. You will also want to make sure the charter bus company hires experienced drivers. Most charter bus companies that have been in business for a while are not only experienced, but also very professional. However, even though charter bus transportation has many benefits for you, you still want to make sure that when you take a bus charter in Chicago, Illinois, that you and your family will be in the hands of an experienced company with well maintained buses and an experienced driver. Once you have this information in place, you can begin making plans to take a bus charter in Chicago, Illinois, and experience all there is to experience in this beautiful city without all the drama and time consumption that is involved with driving our own vehicle. Go ahead and decide to finally enjoy your travels by buying a ticket for a charter bus of Chicago. You will not regret it. Published at: